Frequently Asked Questions

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1. General questions

Q: What's the security standard of the Hubnai solution?

As our operation is integrated with the social network, all the security that this social network offers you is fully included in our solution. In addition, all data provided from the moment of registration to purchase is protected and stored on IBMCloud and AWS servers.

Q: How to contact Hubnai?

Just talk to our beautiful customer success team through one of these 4 channels
Chat and phone +1-877-561-7477, from 8am to 5pm, Monday to Friday Pacific Time, via e-mail hello@hubnai.com or our contact page.

Q: How Hubnai makes 💰?

We have a transparent fee structure that includes a monthly charge and a fee on transactions carried out on our platform. We only charge on the value of the products or services, never on shipping rates. We are committed to offering the most competitive rates in the market.

Q: Do I need to install anything?

We have developed a solution that is very simple to use and fully integrated with the social network. Regardless of whether you sell or buy anything through Hubnai, you will never be asked to install anything.

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2. Common seller questions

Q: What can I sell with Hubnai's solution?

You have the flexibility to sell whatever you wish through Hubnai's solution. Whether it's a product or a service, as long as it can be presented and marketed in an automated manner, and is within the guidelines of your preferred social media platform, we can assist you. Size and product type are irrelevant.

Q: Is Hubnai an intermediary between me and my customers?

Absolutely not. Your customers are yours alone, and you've worked diligently to build those relationships. We strive to maintain the natural order by providing a solution that helps your business sell more quickly and automatically to your customers on social media platforms.

Q: How and when do I receive payment from my customers?

Payment is done Online and Offline. In the case of online, we use our payment partner, in which you will register to use their services and receive the amounts deposited in your checking account. They will carry out the split payment operation (division of amounts) in which they will separate the part of everyone involved: payment partner, Hubnai (fees on transaction on the platform) and the seller, depositing on each account. The seller can define the inclusion of others involved (business indicator, representative, etc.) and they will receive it at the time of purchase. For Offline, you will receive the amount paid by your customer when you deliver the product or when your customer picks it up. In this case, payment will be made through the methods you define. Hubnai will charge the fee on these transactions at a later date.

Q: How much is the fee charged?

The fee charged will be in accordance with the contract entered into by the Hubnai customer and will only be charged on product/service values, excluding delivery costs. It is important to note that fees for online payment methods will be charged as defined by Hubnai's partner.

Q: Is it possible to customize automatic replies?

Our team of developers and designers has carefully thought out each of the interaction phrases so that your customers have an easier buying journey. However, if you have any different needs or necessary adjustments, you can send us an email at hello@hubnai.com. We welcome the opportunity to discuss and evaluate your needs, ensuring we can meet them

Q: Can I activate Hubnai on all social networks?

We are developing our solution to make it available to multiple other social media platforms. We currently support Facebook Messenger as well as Instagram Direct which gives you access to a global network of over 2 billion consumers.

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3. Common consumer questions

Q: How to start the purchase process?

When accessing the Hubnai social media page, you can start the shopping process with a simple 'Hello'.
Then the magic happens =)

Q: How do I know if my purchase has been confirmed?

Too easy. Once your purchase is completed, a confirmation message will be sent to your email address registered in the store. Important: always check that the message has not ended up in the spam or junk folder. The selling store will receive the purchase information directly in its ERP and also by email

Q: How to report a problem?

You can report your problem directly to the store. Just go to the home menu in your conversation and click on the “Contact Us” button. Hubnai's solution stops working and the store attendant who is making the purchase will interact directly with you in the chat itself.

Q: How to exit or restart the purchase process?

It's very simple! At any time, just write and send 'Exit' in the dialog box, our solution will automatically restart the shopping experience by returning to the "Main Menu", our starting point. The best thing is that if you have products in your shopping cart they will not be lost, when you return you can choose from the “hamburger” menu (the one with 3 lines)

P: What commands can I type into the solution?

You have some commands that you can type at any time in the chat, they are:

  • Menu or main menu - you will be taken to the main menu.
  • Cart or My Cart – You will be taken to the shopping cart
  • Talk to us or speak to an attendant – the automation stops and you start interacting with an attendant of the store you are visiting.
  • Back – you will be taken to the previous step.
  • Exit – In this case you will exit the automated conversation and restart, however, your shopping cart will be intact. This function is also useful when a seller has more than one store and you want to switch stores.

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A successful marketing plan relies heavily on the pulling-power of advertising copy. Writing result-oriented ad copy is difficult.