Passionate about future technologies

Creating what many deem impossible,
we are democratizing technology

Our vision and values

We are entrepreneurs addicted to technology and passionate about creating innovative solutions, especially those that transform our experiences as consumers.

We want to challenge the “ordinary”, building what everyone says is impossible, democratizing cutting-edge technology for everyone, without having to exploit anyone.

We believe that if we unite artificial intelligence, data science, blockchain, sales campaign management with a good design and a fair fee, we can create
smarter interactions between (us) businesses of all kinds and sizes and consumers.

We value unity and not uniformity.

: Right and fair are non-negotiable.

Quality: We always deliver the WOW!

Empathy: We put ourselves in the other's shoes.

Innovation: We are passionate about doing better.

“We like the impossible because there is less competition there.”
Walt Disney — Founder of Magic Inc.
Meet the "Hubners"

Our founder

Joel Monte
Business administrator, with an Executive MBA in Finance. He has been a manager for over 12 years in companies from different sectors such as IT, beverages, retail and offshore.

Our Business Heads

Leonardo Albuquerque
Sales professional with more than 20 years of experience, mostly as a team manager in the areas of Telecom and IT. Focused on providing the best solutions for the customer.

Jon P.
North America
Innovative business administrator with diverse experience in the publishing and recruiting markets. Strategic leader adept at transformative technological solutions. I enable companies to thrive and unlock their full potential.
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